Community Writes

Thank you, everyone, for the solidly wonderful response to our Part Two session of Community Writes! Many thanks to prep volunteers Sara McWilliams, Maryann Wong and Kelly Kynion, and to reader-curators Barbara Deisroth, Allan Davidson, John Fiorillo, and one reader who chooses to be anonymous.

Stay tuned for a month of new reading!

Our first two selections:

Please continue to enjoy choices from the previous Part One session: 

Many thanks to the team of reader-curators for Part One: Lynda Araoz, David Cudaback, Vivian Drohan and Carol Essert.


Note: The community writing which appears here is for literary purposes. Views expressed are personal, belong solely to the authors and do not represent the views of the Academy, board members, membership or staff. Works were submitted anonymously to our volunteer judges, and appear here with permission of the authors, who received no compensation.

Pictured above Brighton Beach Benches by Gerald Seligman, archival photo.

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