Building Community Through the Arts

Spencertown Academy Connects History, Future with Virtual Concerts

Times Union | Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Since 1972, a Greek Revival building that was a schoolhouse for the first 123 years of its life has been a community arts center for the Columbia County hamlet of Spencertown (population 175).

The Spencertown Academy suffered significant setbacks after the global financial crisis a dozen years ago, to the point that all paid staff was laid off. Led by a strong board of directors aided by more than 200 volunteers, however, it has rebuilt financially. A capital campaign raised $600,000 for restoration of the building, and work that was expected to be lengthy is nearly complete, well ahead of time. The coronavirus pandemic meant crews didn’t have to stop to accommodate the academy’s normally busy calendar, which by March already had two dozen in-person events slated for the year, with more expected to be added as 2020 progressed.

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