Why support the Spencertown Academy?

10 reasons why your help is crucial

The Spencertown Academy has enriched the life of our community and neighboring areas for more than 40 years. Today, the Academy needs your support more than ever. Here’s why:

  1. The Academy is Spencertown. Arts venue, learning center, gathering place, architectural landmark: The Academy is inseparable from our local identity and an irreplaceable treasure for area residents.
  2. We bring people together. The Academy provides a social and cultural home for newcomers and long-time residents alike—a gathering place for people with a shared conviction that the arts are essential to a life well-lived.
  3. Other arts organizations depend on us. The Academy serves as a home for many community-based arts events such as ballet classes and piano recitals for local children; jazz, blues, and folk jams; and rehearsals and performances by smaller arts organization.
  4. We’re unique. The Academy’s eclectic mix of programming, showcasing both local and nationally established artists, has evolved continuously over the years to reflect the interests of the community and the mix of programs available at other venues.
  5. The Academy supports an extensive arts-in-education program. Our collaborations with local schools bring rich artistic experiences to hundreds of schoolchildren each year.
  6. We operate without an endowment. Except for a small emergency reserve fund, the Academy must raise 100% of its operating expenses each year.
  7. Our costs are rising. While the Academy has trimmed its budget to the bone, annual operating costs average $110,000 and will inevitably rise with inflation.
  8. Public funding sources have virtually disappeared. We do not expect to receive any support from New York State for at least the next two years. Foundation support likewise has declined, and the foundation dollars we do receive can rarely if ever be used for operating costs. Grants are almost always earmarked for a specific program and provided only on the condition that we match the funds.
  9. Imagine a world without the Spencertown Academy. No midwinter Revels. No Hidden Gardens. No Festival of Books… Let’s not even go there.
  10. The Academy’s future is in your hands. Our only sources of income are membership, individual donations and revenue from special events. You can make a difference. Please help today!