Building Community Through the Arts

Three Session Mixed Media Workshop with Jacqueline Rogers

This Winter Break a series of art classes was offered to children aged 8 to 14, with a couple of older artists joining in – a fun exploration of various media and their possible combinations.   

  • In our first class we worked with charcoal on paper, exploring the medium’s expressive possibilities. We created a fictional landscape, working background to front: sky, mountains, middle ground and foreground, with a focal area, a pumpkin patch.
  • In class 2 we created a composition with torn and cut papers of all sorts, and returned to the landscape theme from class 1. We finished by adding charcoal over the collage, using techniques learned in class 1.
  • Class 3 combined charcoal, collaged papers, and a third medium of the participant’s choice, such as paint, markers, pencil, etc., again exploring abstract shapes and textures to create a final image, a subject of each student’s choice.

Sample Student Work

Karen Hummel

Malina Thuy Jackson

Levi Rifenburgh

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