Building Community Through the Arts

Many Thanks to All Who Reveled with Us

Woodbridge Hosts

Cindy and Carl Atkins
Jo-Anne Williams Bilotti and Richard Bilotti
Judith Choate
Anita and John Fiorillo
Rae and Robert Gilson
Louis Hedgecock
Jill Kalotay
Barbara Lax Kranz and Kenneth Kranz
Joanne Dunne Murphy
Nick Van Alstine
Lauren and Don Wilkinson


Barbara Conkling
Denise Dunne
Carol and Henry Essert
Sharon Grubin and Deborah Lans
Estelle Hawkins
David Highfill and Gregory Vogler
Madaline Sparks and Wayne Greene


Liz Garger and Christian Dewailly
Phyllis Diamond and Peter Dignazio
Elizabeth Diggs and Emily McCully
Judy and Bruce Felton
Charlotte and Rupert Fennell
Elizabeth Hess andPeter Biskind
Lauree and Gregory Hickok
Karen Kaczmar and George Jahn
Kelly Kynion
Mary Neufield and Venetia Reeece
Susan Pohlman
Jill and Harry Petchesky
Cindy and Ben Puccio
Deborah Roth and Alan Kaufman
Marion and Willard Ulmer
Lauren Wolff
Kathy and Mike Zdeb


Jennifer Capala
Marian and Jack Krauskopf
Jim Lestelle and John Stevens
Helen and Steve Lobel
Sara and Barry McWilliams
Mathew Pappas and Ryan Turley
Jonathan Swartz
Barbara Willner

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